Advice Fees

Generally speaking, Dalton Financial Partners does not charge a fee for the initial meeting with prospective clients. The objective of our initial discussion is to establish;

  • That we can actually help you
  • That we are the right Financial planner for you
‎If you proceed as a client, Dalton Financial Partners normally charges a ‘set fee’ for services provided. This fee is based on factors such as the complexity of your financial situation, the areas of advice needed (expertise’s) as well as the estimated workload (strategy, meetings and implementation).

‎Dalton Financial Partners is a ’boutique’ financial planning practice. We specialise in providing a high level of personalised service to clients with more complex needs, such as high income earners, successful business owners and self funded retirees. Please refer to the ‘our clients’ page to find out if we are the right financial planner for you.

Comprehensive advice starts from $10,000 plus GST for the initial 12-month service engagement. Ongoing advice (from the second year) starts from $5,000 plus GST for a 12-month service engagement. Fees are normally spread over the 12-months through the combination of an upfront and ongoing monthly payment. Fees related to superannuation advice can be debited from your super account (depending on the provider) and fees for investment advice may be tax deductible. 

Shorter term engagements (up to 6 months) start from $5,000 + GST. Short engagements may suit clients in simpler financial positions.


See below for an example of a typical 12 month engagement (Comprehensive advice) for a new client.

As fiduciaries, we look to present you with fees that we believe are fair and represent value. Our aim is to put you in a better financial position over the long term ‘net of fees’ paid.Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more details regarding fees.

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