Our comprehensive service suits the following client situations:

  • High income households

    You earn a high level of income and want to make the most of that income by converting it into real wealth.


  • Empty nesters & pre-retirees

    Your children have completed their schooling, your mortgage is close to paid off / or has been paid off and you’re now looking to shift your focus onto wealth creation.


  • Established business owners

    You are an established business owner looking to convert a successful business into real wealth for you and your family. This may involve converting a high business income into wealth or working towards the sale of your business.


  • Self funded retirement

    You are retired or are looking to retire in the near future with a strong amount of savings and investments. You don’t plan on relying on the age pension and would like to maintain your ‘self funded’ status by making sure your wealth lasts a lifetime.


  • Compensation, disability payouts and large inheritances

    You are the recipient of a permanent disablement, compensation payment or substantial inheritance. You would like to make the most of this payment by investing it wisely.


  • Financial complexity

    Your financial situation is untidy or complicated and you need help with simplifying your affairs and getting organised.


Hear what some of our clients have to say about us:

Morgan Grant

Book Publishing and Investment Management:
When I was recommended to see Josh in 2014 by a mutual friend, our family’s financial investments were being poorly managed (by a big investment organisation) and this was causing us a lot of stress and worry. Since then, Josh has straightened out our mess and put us in a situation where we know our finances are being actively and soundly looked after and will achieve our lifestyle goals.I cannot recommend Josh highly enough as a financial advisor and as a trustworthy, reliable and very professional person. He explains finances in simple terms and continuously re-checks our understanding. He also regularly reviews our situation and the performance of our finances to meet our needs. Josh also has shown to be willing to both challenge the norm, and also be prepared to re-think ideas based on thorough discussion with other professionals. He is a remarkable find, and I look forward to working with Josh and his network as a lifetime client.

Craig Henderson

Owner Manager at Bank of Queensland:
We came and saw Josh in October 2013, unsure of our plans for creating wealth. We had some pre-conceived ideas of what we needed to do, but Josh was able to show us an easier way to achieve our financial goals. We appreciate the simplicity of his strategy for us and this has given us more certainty and peace of mind regarding our financial future. Highly recommended!

Cam Patterson

Chartered accountant:
Josh is one of those rare advisers who can adapt across a wide range of circumstances to bring his clients true value. I have experienced Josh’s work personally, with people close to me and with clients we have referred to each other. He has skills of leadership to give direction, communication to give confidence, and creativity to give capability. I recommend Josh wholeheartedly.

John Clothier

Electrical Estimator at Monadelphous:
Josh continues to be an integral part of any financial decisions we make, providing advice critical to making the right decisions in todays economic turmoil. We have recommended Josh to a number of friends and colleagues who have also found his expert knowledge, advice and planning skills to be exemplary.

Cil Hosking

Aged care:
I am so glad that we have Josh to manage my investments and my Super portfolio. He is incredibly talented at what he does and always has his clients best interests at heart. Our lives have changed for the better since being referred to Josh. I am comfortable with the way everything is being handled, my projections from year to year and having the confidence that I am I good hands.

Aidan McClellan

Project manager:
I admit I was hesitant at the thought of handing over the keys to my family’s financial planning, but Josh and his team made the process simple and always acted in a very professional manner, explaining every step thoroughly along the way. We have already recommended their services to other family members and I can’t speak highly enough of their attitude, approach and tenacity to get the best result for each individual client.

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Hunter Green advisers undergo ongoing training and professional development to continue to meet the professional standards set by the group